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Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound

The ACUSON Sequoia system is designed to provide comprehensive and consistent imaging for different and unique acoustic properties.

The ACUSON Sequoia™ echocardiography system provides the most advanced imaging and clinical applications across your ultrasound specialties. The Sequoia system provides superior imaging for every patient, with Native Patient Specific Imaging. The Sequoia system’s advanced technologies deliver greater image content, enhanced detail, superior contrast resolution and penetration, as well as excellent color Doppler sensitivity at depth.

The Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasound machine is a very high-end piece of equipment capable of unbeatable imaging performance. It has superior contrast resolution and penetration, and excellent color Doppler sensitivity. The machine is very easy to use and designed with comfortable ergonomics. The Acuson Sequoia 512 provides amazing images for vascular, small parts, breast, transcranial, and musculoskeletal applications.

Available Transducers: 15L8 – Frequency 15-8 MHz

Room 021
Telephone 03 640 8737
Responsible scientists:
Miriam Shaharabany, Ph.D.
Yael Zilberstein, Ph.D.

  • 2D
  • Native Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • DELTA ™ differential echo amplification
  • SpaceTime ™ Resolution Control
  • SST ™ Color Doppler, DTI ™ Doppler Tissue Imaging
  • Spectral Doppler, Inergy Solo ™
  • Home Base user interface
  • Vascular Calculations Packages
  • ProtoCall ™ Cardiac Calculation Package
  • Embedded DICOMconformance
  • Digital acquisition, storage, review and transfer
  • Auto Doppler Optional
  • Tissue Equalization ™ Technology Optional
  • Cadence CPS for CARD Optional
  • Doppler Tissue Imaging Optional
  • Cadence ™ CCI for Cardiology Optional
  • DICOM Print and Store Optional
  • Perspective ADV Display II (SEQ) Optional  
  • AXIUS ™ Edge Assisted EF Optional