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Two – photon Confocal microscopy

The two photon system is coupled to the Zeiss 510 Meta – NLO microscope.

In two-photon microscopy, a pulsed infra-red laser scans across the sample to produce a confocal-like (i.e., optically sectioned) image of a fluorescent specimen. Two-photon microscopy have several advantages over confocal microscopy for thick specimens, including deeper penetration, reduced photobleaching outside of the focal plane, and reduced phototoxicity for live specimens. One drawback of the two-photon technique is that the resolution, which is directly determined by the excitation wavelength, is somewhat worse than a comparable confocal.

Room 021
Telephone 03 640 8737
Responsible scientists:
Miriam Shaharabany, Ph.D.
Leonid Mittelman, Ph.D.

Laser lines available:

  • Argon laser: 458, 477, 488, 514,
  • HeNe laser: 543
  • HeNe laser: 633

Objective list:

  • X10/0.3 NA;
  • X20 0.5 NA;
  • X40-oil/1.3 NA;
  • X63-oil/1.25 NA
  • X60-water 1.2NA.



Manufacturer’s site:



Manufacturer’s site

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