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Vevo2100 HR Ultrasound

The Vevo 2100 Imager is a state of the art high frequency ultrasound imaging system with solid-state array transducers, designed for real-time imaging of internal soft tissues in mice and other small animals.

Vevo2100 High Resolution Ultrasound System
Visual Sonic, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The new MicroScan™ transducers provide increased frame rates, superb contrast, unrivaled resolution and a wider field of view. The system is, non-invasive and fast, providing extremely high throughput when needed.

The system is optimally configured for studies in the areas of cancer and vascular biology. Microbubble contrast agents are available to facilitate blood flow and angiogenesis measurements and can be used to selectively deliver drugs to specific sites in the organism.

Available Transducers:

  • MS400 18–38 MHz – Application – Cardiovascular, Abdominal; Rabbit Eye
  • MS550D 22–55 MHz – Application – Abdominal, Embryo, Vascular, Tumors (< 14mm)

Room 021
Telephone 03 640 8737
Responsible scientists:
Miriam Shaharabany, Ph.D.
Yael Zilberstein, Ph.D.

  • Superior resolution and image uniformity through entire field of view
  • 30 micron resolution
  • Frame rates in 2D up to 740 fps (for a 4×4 mm field of view)
  • Wide field of view
  • Color and Power Doppler Modes for blood flow quantification & anatomical identification
  • M-Mode single line acquisition allowing high-temporal resolution for LV functional analysis
  • 3D-Mode Imaging & Volume Analysis
  • Nonlinear Contrast Imaging
  • Advanced measurements & quantification