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Zeiss 510 Meta – NLO

The Zeiss 510 Meta confocal microscope is capable of imaging both fixed and live cells on slides or glass-bottom petri dishes.
  • The system is equipped with two PMTs, META detector and transmitted light detector for DIC / Phase imaging with fluorescent overlays.
  • The system is capable of time course experiments, Z-stack collection for 3D work, lambda stacks for spectral unmixing or emission spectral analysis (using META) FRET and FRAP imaging protocols are available.
  • An incubator system is available for live cell experiments allowing humidity, CO2, O2, N2 and temperature control. The system is adapted for 96 wells, 24 wells and 35mm plates.

Room 021
Telephone 03 640 8737
Responsible scientists:
Miriam Shaharabany, Ph.D.
Leonid Mittelman, Ph.D.

Laser lines available:

  • Argon laser: 458, 477, 488, 514,
  • HeNe laser: 543
  • HeNe laser: 633

Objective list:

  • X10/0.3 NA;
  • X20 0.5 NA;
  • X40-oil/1.3 NA;
  • X63-oil/1.25 NA
  • X60-water 1.2NA.
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