SCMIC Whole animal Imaging

The Sackler Cellular & Molecular Imaging Center (SCMIC) offers a wide variety of whole animal Imaging

Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound
The ACUSON Sequoia system is designed to provide comprehensive and consistent imaging for different and unique acoustic properties.
Vevo2100 HR Ultrasound
The Vevo 2100 Imager is a state of the art high frequency ultrasound imaging system with solid-state array transducers, designed for real-time imaging of internal soft tissues in mice and other small animals.
TomoScope® In-vivo CT
The TomoScope® Synergy is a stand-alone in-vivo micro-CT scanner with short scan times, excellent low-contrast resolution and high spatial resolution dedicated to small animal imaging.
Cri MaestroTM
Maestro enables multiplexed in vivo fluorescence imaging of small animals with high sensitivity. Maestro offers users the capability of removing autofluorescence emitted from images of skin and other tissues to reveal otherwise hard-to-detect labeled targets.
The Photon Imager is a unique system for detecting, localizing, quantifying dynamically the optical signal - bioluminescence or fluorescence - of small animals in vivo, in a non invasive way.
High speed fluorescence microscope for in vivo and in situ cellular imaging for small animal. A unique probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy system.